How To Get Dream League Soccer Coins

Hints That Can Be Followed When Playing Dream League Soccer

Use of smartphones in dream league soccer can help in controlling players. The control system is a bit technical and thus requires some a bit of training. It is good to ensure that players receive certain trainings to enable them go through DLS this kind of game. Remember, for one to score a goal, a lot of effort should be employed while playing. Therefore, there are a number of thing to employ so as to facilitate easier playing as well as winning. They include the following.
Use of button B than button A when defending. Button A is helps in placing a slide tackle which is not good for defending. Thus, it is good to press button B when defending since it makes the player to increase more pressure on the ball. It is thus necessary to take not on what button one is pressing to avoid yellow card like in the case with A which has got high chances of tripping.

Choose a camera type to get a better view of the field. Camera view in the field help in controlling the players as well as managing how they are performing. Having to experiment with variety of cameras in the field will enable one to choose the best that can be used in serving the purpose. Relevant adjustments should be made where possible and in the right procedure by the user.

Experiment with B and C to score a goal. In case the individual player is next to the goal and at the same time holding the ball, it is good to press A for a shorter period of time so as to be able to score the goal. It is advisable that one try to press letter B or C for the process to be effective. Pressing letter A for a long time will can lead to the player shooting the ball higher or above the goal. Hence losing the particular goal.

How to heal players. Healing of injured player can be carried out through spending of some coins. This is done by tapping on the player card where an icon will appear Dream League Soccer Hack and once tapped the players receive a hundred percentage health. Thus, it is good to note some of the hints that will help in manuvering through the game.